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We recently discovered a bug in Turmoil 2022 that can sometimes show up when playing the game causing it to reset. This bug seems to mostly happen while using the Phoenix but it also has happened with the ColecoVision. The bug in question turned out to be a timing issue when the color of the walls are changed when completing a stage outside of the NMI (non-maskable interrupt) loop and the possibility existed that the NMI loop would interfere with it causing at minimum the screen glitching for a few frames to an actual reset of the game.

This bug has been fixed and Revision A is now available in 2 forms, as a free ROM download and as a cartridge exchange.

To access the free ROM download or the cartridge exchange please send an email to exchange@8bitmilligames.com with the name on the original order of Turmoil 2022 and the date ordered so that we can update our records.

How the cartridge exchange will work:


When you contact us with the order information we will mail you a prepaid mailer for you to send the original cartridge back to us. Once we receive it we will send you the Revision A cartridge.


We are working on a process to get new cartridges to you that will not include the high cost of shipping. One possibility is if you order the upcoming Arkadion game we could include the new Revision A cartridge in the same box and not have you send back the original cartridge. We are also exploring other options.

Thank you,

William Hicks

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