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Subscription to the Retro Gamers Club

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Subscription to the Retro Gamers Club

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One year subscription to the Retro Gamers Club. Read Description for details

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One year subscription to the Retro Gamers Club (http://retrogamersclub.us).

Updated September 15th, 2023

What are the membership benefits?

The many benefits of joining the Retro Gamers Club are listed below. Where the term "hardcopy" is used this refers to either cartridge, cassette or floppy disk depending on the system.

All members will have exclusive digital download access to all games created by 8 Bit Milli Games for a minimum of one month before it is released to the public as a physical game to purchase with the exception of games that are written outside of 8 bit Milli Games and are only published by 8 Bit Milli Games. These game may or may not be released digitally to member and if so will be after the the physical copies of the games are sold out.

All members will be able to login to the member page during their membership period and download personalized digital copies of all existing 8 Bit Milli Games and any games released during their membership. A game is personalized in that the digital copy will have the members name added to the title screen of the game to immortalize that they are the owner of the game.

All members will receive game updates, code changes and enhancements as part of their membership through the member page.

All members will be part of the exclusive beta testers group and have access to games months before they are finished and be able to offer game ideas and input to the developers.

All members will have access to games written for all the platforms supported by 8 Bit Milli Games.

All members will have access to the repair line where they can send in non working game related items for free repair. They need only pay for shipping and any parts. Please contact RGC for more information before sending in any items.

All members will be able to use a membership code to get discounts on all 8 Bit Milli games and hardware available in the store.

What does it cost to become a member?

The Retro Gamers Club membership is $50 for each year that you are a member.

How do I become a member?

To join the Retro Gamers Club you need only click here and complete the purchase through our secure store. An email will be sent to you once your membership has been processed with login details and a membership packet will be mailed to you via the postal mail.

Are there any club rules I need to know about?

As with anything in life there are some rules and here are ours:


Membership is open to individuals.

Members agree to pay an annual subscription fee for every year of membership. Annual subscriptions must be paid in advance and membership may be terminated if a Member fails to pay their fees. Failure to pay fees will result in being locked out of the member only pages and Discord server.

Membership is not transferable and non-refundable.

While membership is open to all individuals the Retro Gamers Club reserves the right to deny any new membership to any individual it may wish to without reason. Any new member that is denied will be refunded the full subscription cost.

Resignation and Subscriptions

A Member can resign at the time by email at any time. Any unexpired amount of their subscription is not refundable. This is because benefits to members are paid for on an annual basis. Resignation will result in being locked out of the member only pages and Discord server.


All members shall be entitled use and receive all the membership benefits provide by and through the Retro Gamers Club whilst still in membership.

Privacy Policy and Data Protection

Information about Members is kept strictly confidential.

On becoming a member each member agrees that the personal data supplied to the Retro Gamers Club will be retained for the purposes of administering communication with the member and the membership system.

Each member will be provided with a members' login so that they can update their own personal details and access their membership benefits.


Each member is required to keep their contact details up to date so as to enable the Retro Gamers Club to send them important information about membership maters, promotions and other information. The prime information is a current email address, postal address and telephone number.


If a copy of a members game is found to be available on the internet or is being sold or copied the members membership will be immediately become null and void. Any unexpired amount of their subscription is not refundable.

Acceptance of these Rules

By subscribing to the Retro Gamers Club you indicate that you have read and accept all the benefits and rules listed here as well as any rules that may be added in the future and agree to be bound by them.

Rule Amendments

From time to time these rules may be revoked, altered or added to.


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