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RAMBOard 32k - Assembled

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RAMBOard 32k - Assembled

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The RAMBOard boosts the ColecoVision from 1K to 32K of RAM!

Download the free case design here.

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The RAMBOard will allow you to have 32k of RAM on your ColecoVision instead of the standard 1k. This extra RAM will allow you to play many of the upcoming 8 Bit Milli games as well as allow you to play any game that requires a Super Game Module but will run on a Coleco Adam without the Super Game Module. Many games that require a Super Game Module only require the 32k of RAM that it contains and does not check for the presense of the AY sound chip. The rule of thumb is, if the game will play on a Coleco Adam without a Super Game Module attached you can use the RAMBOard to play the same games on the ColecoVision. The RAMBOard does NOT contain a sound chip so you will not be able to hear the sound from these games unless they use the built in ColecoVision sound chip but you can play them. A partial list of Super Module Games you can play using the RAMBOard on a ColecoVision are shown below. Note, though the RAMBOard will allow you to play these games, but you will still need to have an actual copy of the game on cartridge.

Boomin Boy
Buck Rogers S.G.    
Castle Excellent    
Castle, The    
Caverns of Titan
Cold Blood    
Danger Tower
Deep Dungeon Adv.
Donkey Kong S.G.    
Donkey Kong Jr. S.G.    
Dragon's Lair    
Heroes Arena
Hustle Chumy    
Jawbreaker I & II
Knight Lore    
Math Quest    
Operation Wolf    
Pink Panther    
Prisoner of War
Stone of Wisdom
Stray Cat
Super Pac-Man    
Tank Mission    
Traffic Jam    
Wizard of War
Zaxxon S.G.    
Zombie Incident    


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