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Crazy Climber Redux Data Pack & Floppy Disk

Crazy Climber Redux Data Pack & Floppy Disk

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Can you help Cecil make it to the top?

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Crazy Climber Redux Data Pack & Floppy Disk

CCR Data Pack / Floppy (Coleco Adam)



Are You Afraid of Falling?

Our adventurous hero, Cecil, is going to climb to the top of every building in every city. Along the way he'll be having things thrown at him, flying things chasing him, and and be pushed off the ledges. And as if that wasn't enough, they keep closing the windows on his hands!

This game was developed as a Kickstarter campaign. Our initial hope was to raise $3,000 over 60 days. We blew that away and raised over $12,000!


4 cities
4 buildings in each city
20 baddies (enemies)
4 bosses
6 Dificulty levels
Single or Double controller mode
In Game editor to modify how the game acts
4 awesome sound tracks!


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