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ColecoVision - Coleco Adam

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These are games that have been released by 8 Bit Milli Games. They are available as a personalized download by members and are also available to purchase in the store. Games released prior to March 1st, 2022 are at this time not available as a personalized hard copy. As a member you can also discuss this game on the Discord server.

Crazy Climber Redux


Our adventurous hero, Cecil, is going to climb to the top of every building in every city. Along the way he'll be having things thrown at him, flying things chasing him, and and be pushed off the ledges. And as if that wasn't enough, they keep closing the windows on his hands!

Turmoil 2022


Earth is under attack! 40 years after the Horde first attacked mankind they are back and determined to eliminate everything that we hold dear!



Can you pilot the L.S.S. Arkadion through the blockade to get the supplies from Heather Station and return to save the rebellion in time?

Crazy Chicky Junior


Mommy used to protect the hen house from the evil foxes, now it’s Juniors turn!

Now, as everyone knows, the one thing a Chicky does best is lay eggs! It’s what Mommy did and now it is what you do. But things are not the same as they were back in the day. The hen house has expanded, the Funky Foxes are smarter and their tricks are eviler!

8 Mazes, 32 levels, 3 difficulties!

The Gray Castle


Something has happened, something bad, something that threatens all. Only you can do anything about it! The Gray Castle is the first ever text based RPG made for the ColecoVision! This is an unfinished game. At this point you can explore a very large world but it is not finishible and there is a place where you can get stuck and not leave. To play use your controller to select action and subject words. Let me know what you think of this game, should it be completed?

Classics Reimagined Vol. 1 (Demon Attack & Atlantis)


A beautiful reimagining of Demon Attack and Atlantis with a twist.



To seek out and destroy as many enemy ships as you can find, to cause havoc and above all, never to die alone - takes as many of the enemies with you as possible! In order to achieve this feat, you are equipped with the very latest hunter-killer crafts, the SEEKER II. A fast maneuverable ship, with the latest rapid fire photon cannon, force shields, long distance scanner and a DESOLATOR.

New Cluck City


Brace yourself for an adrenaline-filled adventure in New Cluck City, where only Crazy Chicky Junior can save all the adorable hatchlings from the clutches of the evil foxes. Maurice, Fred, Bob, and Frank are out to cause chaos, but our hero is here to put an end to their wicked plans!



In the 23rd century, man discovered the first wormhole which opened up the galaxy to them. Unfortunately, others had discovered it first...

Your mission is to pilot the state of the art spaceship, E.S.S Killdall through the newly discovered wormholes and see where they lead. The Killdall is an intelligent spaceship that, if given time, can repair itself when damaged. It is armed with a multi-gigawatt forward facing laser and a smart bomb launcher. The smart bombs only function when the Killdall has no damage, once damaged you can only shoot lasers, so do your best to not get damaged. Due to the properties of the wormholes your weapons have a limited range.

Each wormhole is protected by berserker cannons, the origin of which is not known. Once you enter the wormhole you will encounter the aliens who also covet its power. Since the wormholes operate in a different dimension your sense of vision will be distorted. Beware the aliens ganging up on you! Good Luck...


The titles listed below are currently in development by 8 Bit Milli Games. As a member you will be able to download beta tests of these games as they become available and discuss the games on the Discord server.



Virix is a stunningly large 3D world that you need to make your way through as you kill the viruses. As with real life, your job never ends, it just keeps getting harder.

Alien Attack


The hand held game from the early 80's offered exciting game play as you defeated the alien onslaught. Ours is a adaption of the game to computer with 2 different modes of play. One is a faithful representation of the original game and the other is a 3D version with more enemies and goals.

Trailblazer 2022


Based on the wildly popular Trailblazer game of the mid 1980's where you must direct your ball along a series of suspended passages. Updated for 2022 with a modern twist!

Joe the Eskimo


Guide Joe and his pet seal through the frozen world in search of food and treasure. Defend yourself and try not to freeze to death. Can you deal with the cold?

Joe the Eskimo is a massive side scrolling platformer with over 64 levels.

Roid Man


Take Pac-Man, multiply it by 1000 and then turn it up to 11!

Party Games (working title)


Dozens of games that you can play for a few minutes or a few hours! Strategy games, action games, puzzle games and more!

Zombie Killer (working title)


No calendar is complete without a zombie game. Zombie Killer is the only first person shooter game you'll need for the foreseeable future. Get your barbed wire baseball bats ready for some zombie blood.

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