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Commodore 64 - Commodore 128

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The titles listed below are currently in development by 8 Bit Milli Games. As a member you will be able to download beta tests of these games as they become available and discuss the games on the Discord server.



Can you pilot the L.S.S. Arkadion through the blockade to get the supplies from Heather Station and return to save the rebellion in time?



Virix is a stunningly large 3D world that you need to make your way through as you kill the viruses. As with real life, your job never ends, it just keeps getting harder.

Joe the Eskimo


Guide Joe and his pet seal through the frozen world in search of food and treasure. Defend yourself and try not to freeze to death. Can you deal with the cold?

Joe the Eskimo is a massive side scrolling platformer with over 64 levels.

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