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Mattel Aquarius

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These are games that have been released by 8 Bit Milli Games. They are available as a personalized download by members and are also available to purchase in the store. Games released prior to March 1st, 2022 are at this time not available as a personalized hard copy. As a member you can also discuss this game on the Discord server.

Turmoil 2022


Earth is under attack! 40 years after the Horde first attacked mankind they are back and determined to eliminate everything that we hold dear!

Oh Shit, Pipes!


Help guide the bird through the forest of pipes. Deceptively easy, impossible to beat! This game is included with Turmoil 2022


The titles listed below are currently in development by 8 Bit Milli Games. As a member you will be able to download beta tests of these games as they become available and discuss the games on the Discord server.



Can you pilot the L.S.S. Arkadion through the blockade to get the supplies from Heather Station and return to save the rebellion in time?



Virix is a stunningly large 3D world that you need to make your way through as you kill the viruses. As with real life, your job never ends, it just keeps getting harder.

Alien Attack


The hand held game from the early 80's offered exciting game play as you defeated the alien onslaught. Ours is a adaption of the game to computer with 2 different modes of play. One is a faithful representation of the original game and the other is a 3D version with more enemies and goals.

Trailblazer 2022


Based on the wildly popular Trailblazer game of the mid 1980's where you must direct your ball along a series of suspended passages. Updated for 2022 with a modern twist!

Zombie Killer (working title)


No calendar is complete without a zombie game. Zombie Killer is the only first person shooter game you'll need for the foreseeable future. Get your barbed wire baseball bats ready for some zombie blood.

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