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Crazy Climber Redux

Crazy Climber Redux
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Crazy Climber Redux

CCR Cartridge


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I would classify this one as a must buy game for any Colecovision owner
This is a review by Chris Mills on Facebook:

This one just came out today for backers on the Kick starter. I think it may be available as a ROM purchase now but if not, it will be soon. I was a backer so I got mine today. Check it out at https://8bitmilligames.com/

I played this game very briefly in the arcade. It was a 2 joystick game and I fumbled around a lot with it so I spent my quarters on other games instead. Not that I was great at them but I did last a bit longer for my quarter, lol.

This release will allow 2 joysticks and I have not tried that yet. I don't have any 2 joystick arrangement set up to give it a shot. Fortunately this game will also support one joystick and it does that very well.

You start out at the bottom of the building and it is 5 windows wide. This gives you plenty of room to avoid the falling debris and gives you plenty of opportunity to not get your fingers slammed in a closing window. If you get hit by falling objects you lose 1 of the three health hearts you have. Lose all 3 and you're a gonner'.

After you have enjoyed your luxury 5 window wide climb it reduces to 3 wide, then 2 wide and the last part of the climb is only 1 wide. Not much room to maneuver at all so you better stay sharp if you want to make it to the top.

I have only had the time to play this game for a very brief few minutes. I haven't had the chance to run into any of the 4 city bosses in the game yet but I can already tell it is going to be a big hit. Nice to see a classic redone, and very well I might say, for the Colecovision. I would classify this one as a must buy game for any Colecovision owner.

I haven't had time to visit all the features of this game. It has an editor which has me intrigued and I will have to look at that soon.

Original Review: https://www.facebook.com/1173871123/videos/1483031972096080/

. Review by William / (Posted on 9/16/2021)

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