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Cyplix: 2384

Cyplix: 2384

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Challenging Game for the Atari 2600!



What started off as a fad in the 1980's known as Pac-ManTM Fever has evolved and become a cult. The Ghost Overlord known only as Cyplix, recognized by his one eye, is the center of this new civilization. His monuments are situated on all continents glorifying the greatness that is Cyplix and his Ghost Religion.

Four hundred years have passed and a small group of humans hide in the now coastal city of Edmonton. In a last ditch effort they have used a human to ghost genetic transformation technique to turn a volunteer into the only force that can possibly combat the Ghosts.

This volunteer goes by the name "Pac".

From The Publisher:

Cyplix:2384 is not an easy game, it is not for the casual gamer who just wants to pick up the joystick and play for 5 minutes. It will take you a while to figure out how to play the game so don't get frustrated.


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