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Crazy Climber Redux

Crazy Climber Redux

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Can you help Cecil make it to the top?

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Crazy Climber Redux

CCR Cartridge



Are You Afraid of Falling?

Our adventurous hero, Cecil, is going to climb to the top of every building in every city. Along the way he'll be having things thrown at him, flying things chasing him, and and be pushed off the ledges. And as if that wasn't enough, they keep closing the windows on his hands!

This game was developed as a Kickstarter campaign. Our initial hope was to raise $3,000 over 60 days. We blew that away and raised over $12,000!


4 cities
4 buildings in each city
20 baddies (enemies)
4 bosses
6 Dificulty levels
Single or Double controller mode
In Game editor to modify how the game acts
4 awesome sound tracks!


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I would classify this one as a must buy game for any Colecovision owner
This is a review by Chris Mills on Facebook:

This one just came out today for backers on the Kick starter. I think it may be available as a ROM purchase now but if not, it will be soon. I was a backer so I got mine today. Check it out at https://8bitmilligames.com/

I played this game very briefly in the arcade. It was a 2 joystick game and I fumbled around a lot with it so I spent my quarters on other games instead. Not that I was great at them but I did last a bit longer for my quarter, lol.

This release will allow 2 joysticks and I have not tried that yet. I don't have any 2 joystick arrangement set up to give it a shot. Fortunately this game will also support one joystick and it does that very well.

You start out at the bottom of the building and it is 5 windows wide. This gives you plenty of room to avoid the falling debris and gives you plenty of opportunity to not get your fingers slammed in a closing window. If you get hit by falling objects you lose 1 of the three health hearts you have. Lose all 3 and you're a gonner'.

After you have enjoyed your luxury 5 window wide climb it reduces to 3 wide, then 2 wide and the last part of the climb is only 1 wide. Not much room to maneuver at all so you better stay sharp if you want to make it to the top.

I have only had the time to play this game for a very brief few minutes. I haven't had the chance to run into any of the 4 city bosses in the game yet but I can already tell it is going to be a big hit. Nice to see a classic redone, and very well I might say, for the Colecovision. I would classify this one as a must buy game for any Colecovision owner.

I haven't had time to visit all the features of this game. It has an editor which has me intrigued and I will have to look at that soon.

Original Review: https://www.facebook.com/1173871123/videos/1483031972096080/

. Review by William / (Posted on 9/16/2021)

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